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Signature Cocktails

Sip on our full lineup of signature summer cocktails! Featuring Codigo Tequila, Absolut Vodka, and Jefferson’s Small Batch Whiskey, our hand-crafted cocktails offer the perfect flavor twist for guests wanting a break from the grapes!

Limited tickets available for this special head-to-head cocktail clash with Kirkland bars competing for the best cocktail!

Friday Cocktail Contest

  • One night only – Friday, July 12 – 6-8pm
  • Only 300 tickets available for this limited access experience
  • Sip and sample each competition cocktail
  • Your vote determines the winner
  • Add-on to your admission ticket for only $15!
  • Cocktails samples from:
    Hearth Restaurant
    Vovina Bar
    Bottle & Bull
    and more!
Cocktail Contest Tickets

Marina Park Margarita

Elevate your margarita experience with the rich and smooth notes of Codigo Tequila. This cocktail blends the bright zest of fresh lime juice with a hint of sweetness, perfectly balanced by the premium quality of Codigo, creating a refreshing and sophisticated drink. Enjoyed on the rocks, this margarita is the ideal way to savor the exquisite taste of fine tequila.

Carillon Cosmo

Craft the perfect Cosmopolitan with the crisp, clean taste of Absolut Vodka. This elegant cocktail harmoniously blends tart cranberry juice, zesty lime, and a touch of orange liqueur, creating a vibrant and refreshing drink. Perfect for sipping on the shores of Lake Washington, Absolut Vodka adds a smooth finish that elevates this classic cocktail to new heights.

Kirkland Coco Smash

Experience the tropical delight of a coconut-flavored smash cocktail crafted with Jefferson’s Small Batch Whiskey. The rich, nuanced notes of the whiskey blend seamlessly with refreshing mint and zesty lime juice, creating a unique and invigorating drink.

Absolut Vodka Cranberry

Introducing the Absolut Ocean Spray Vodka Cranberry, inspired by the timeless blend of Absolut Vodka and Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice. Made with premium vodka from Absolut with real cranberry juice from Ocean Spray, crisp sparkling water and natural flavor.

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