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Homeward Pet Adoption Center
Homeward Pet Adoption Center is one of the leading non-profit, no-kill animal shelters in Washington State. Our mission is to give homeless animals a second chance through rescue, shelter and adoption.

Bubble World
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Just Food for Dogs

Kirkland Children’s Fair
As an alumna of Environmental and Adventure School, Sanika Datar participated in the community service activities that were offered at the school and discovered how much she enjoyed giving back to her community. She realized that you don’t always need to make a large change in your community to make a difference. She is an entrepreneur and passionate to mentor and encourage entrepreneurship in children in a practical and fun way within her community. She has been nominated as a Young Achiever by the City of Kirkland for her contributions, and is an active student advocate for youth. Her motto: “Leave this world a little better than you found it.”