Ginkgo Forest Winery

Wahluke Slope, WA

Location: Wine Tent
Ginkgo Botanical •
2020 Ginkgo Forest Estate “Botanicals” white blend. Clear, pale straw color with long legs up on the wine glass’s bowl. Very Alsatian in style! Quite an aromatic nose with clove, floral, citrus, allspice and ginger notes also showing Wahluke Slope “terroir” minerals to advantage. The flavors bring citrus zest, exotic spices and bright floral notes with apricot, ginger and passionfruit to enjoy. Hints of clove makes an appearance in the background of the flavors. The body of the wine is viscous and has a long, pleasant mouthfeel. Bottle Price: $18
Rose' of Sangiovese •
2017 Rose' of Sangiovese. This delightful Rose` has lots of fruit flavors with the lightest touch of sweetness. Perfect to enjoy with cheese, turkey, cold cuts or a salad! Especially brilliant on a hot summer day sitting next to the pool! Bottle Price: $18
Black Forest Red Blend •
This wine is about impact and ‘kick’. The aromas of sour cherry, sweet strawberry, plum and earthy notes. Flavors of blackberries, cherries, plums and strawberry roll around the tongue in a most wonderful dance. The finish is of a delicious compote with a touch of a meaty texture. The spicy kick is a lasting tribute to a well-balanced wine that will delight those lucky enough to savor it. Bottle Price: $18
Carmenere •
Medium red color with a light rim variation. The first aromas are of plums, black cherry, blackberry, violets and spicy/zippy white pepper. The medium body weight and spicy white pepper notes giving way to herbs, blackberries, black currants with clear/clean acidity (compliments of the Wahluke Slopes’ soils sucked up by the vines). This wine finishes with long, enjoyable fruits. Well balanced acidity and lively light tannins rule. Bottle Price: $24


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