Eternal Winery

Walla Walla, WA

Location: Wine Tent
2021 Rosé •
Big fresh fruit nose of grapefruit, orange rind, unripe melon and blossoms. The palate is notes of cantaloupe, lime, watermelon, and kiwi, mixing with a bright off-dry finish. Wine Shop Price: $22
2021 Riesling •
Bright and tropical nose of guava, lychee, and pineapple, finishing with a nice layer of vanilla from the barrel ferment. This off-dry palate takes you towards flavors of candied pear, guava, and passion fruit. Wine Shop Price: $24
2019 Carmenere •
Vegetal, red bell peppers, jalapeno on the nose. Large mouth feel but low tanins, blackbeery, black pepper, thyme and pomegranete round out a lush mouthfeel. Wine Shop Price: $24

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