In the privacy of your own living room with a bottle of wine and pint of ice cream to yourself, we all know it’s easy to act like a monster and devour both in 10 minutes. But nothing is worse than looking like a fool in public. We don’t want that to be you at Kirkland Uncorked. Here’s 9 Wine Etiquette Habits to know before arriving:


  1. Hold your glass by the stem or the base.
  2. Smell your wine. Sniff it. Taste it. Think about it. Be it.
  3. Drink from the same position on your wine glass to reduce ugly mouth marks (especially women with lipstick).
  4. When opening a bottle, channel your inner ninja. Open the bottle slowly and quietly.
  5. When “cheers-ing” your friends, look your clinking-buddy in the eye.
  6. When pouring wine, hold the bottle towards the base, rather than the neck of the bottle.
  7. Fill your glass LESS than half way up the glass. Your wine needs to breathe, and after a few glasses we still want you breathing too.
  8. You may be thirsty, but don’t ever chug your wine. Try to keep what is left in your glass about the same as those around you.
  9. Wine is always better enjoyed with company. Offer wine to others before pouring seconds for yourself.