Knipprath Cellars

Spokane, WA

Starting full time operations in 1999, Knipprath Cellars is a family owned and operated boutique winery focusing on production of limited quantity, award-winning New-World Ports and Iberian wine varietals from grapes sourced in the Pacific Northwest. The combination of traditional and creative interpretations has made Knipprath Cellars the Northwest’s leading Port producer.
2015 Chardonnay
Our latest limited production barrel-fermented Yakima Valley Chardonnay emphasizing peach, apple, and buttery oak notes. A great wine for shellfish and salmon.
Lagrima White Port
A non-vintage white port blend of Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, Albariño, with flavors of golden raisin, honey, fig and spice. Traditionally enjoyed in Portugal on-the-rocks with a small slice of lemon. Recommended with a baked brie, or after dinner with a peach or nectarine tart.
Au Chocolat! Port
This is the Northwest’s first and original Chocolate Port! Small lots of Cabernet Sauvignon Port are aged with a 100% natural cocoa bean essence to create our award-winning Au Chocolat! Balanced flavors on the palate pair beautifully with chocolate desserts, or aged cheeses such as Gruyère or Manchego.
Spanish Nudge Coffee Port
Delightful flavors and balance with an enticing bouquet, our Spanish Nudge Port recreates the Spanish coffee experience by aging our Syrah Port with coffee and cinnamon. Alternating layers of flavors and a subtle spiciness make this Port an ideal match for cheesecake, tiramisu, flan or anything one would accompany with coffee!

Located in the Wine Tent.