Eye of the Needle Winery

Woodinville, WA

We’ve established personal relationships with top wineries and vineyards. We help them by taking inventory they can’t use and they help us by reducing production costs. It’s like la familia! (That’s Italian for family). Once we found the essential wines, we experiment with blending in extensive trials. It’s alchemy trying to find what grapes complement each other. Pour yourself a glass and sit down with Bob and Lauren Bullock, the private eyes that find the special wines. Every bottle holds their passion for life and wine. They took crushed realities and transformed them into a winery—Eye of The Needle.
Moments Rosè
Our first proprietary rosé. Huge vibrant nose of strawberry, cranberry and hints of raspberry. The flavors show themselves immediately on the palate then flow into notes of citrus zest. Tangy crisp apples complete the profile.
Little Italy Red
This blend is a full 180 degrees from Bordeaux prissiness and adds up to a gorgeous, flamboyant table red that tastes so eerily authentic that.. one visiting Tuscan winemaker actually thought his neighbor had made it! This is a blood red, spicy, beautifully balanced fistful of raspberries, Bing cherries, cola, teaberry, grilled plums, Mission figs, dried cranberries, strawberry Pixi Sticks and Mediterranean spices, all graced by a crisp mineral undertone that brightens the lazy finish.