Bontzu Cellars

Walla Walla, WA

Family owned and operated, BONTZU CELLARS is dedicated to producing wines that are terroir driven and vineyard designated. We are focused on Rhone and Bordeaux varietals, making wines in an uncompromising style of traditional techniques and a carefully managed New World way. Everybody agrees that all starts in the vineyard. This assertion is the foundation of our wine philosophy: understanding the vine, the soil and the sky, all natural, minimal intervention. It is wishful thinking that one can alter the intrinsic qualities of the juice or of the wine during the vilification process, or later: we can only try to retain the potential of the grapes. Vines and later, the wine, have to be in balance with its environment: the soil, the atmosphere, the energies from the solar system and the intimate surroundings. We are trying to keep and implement these factors when growing grapes and during wine making process, buy applying organic or sustainable practices on the vineyard we source our fruit from, with the ultimate goal to become, one day, a bio-dynamic wine producer of good wines,and hopefully, authentic ones, for sure.